Humour Coach

Things are going easier when you approach them with humour

A six-weeks intensive coaching traject

People who use humour have less stress, are more easy in building relationships and getting more things done. Do you, as a CEO, director, manager, team leader, trainer, salesperson or for your personal life want to look different towards situations, collegues or yourself? Do you want personal coaching custom made? Dare to take the step and choose for your own private humour-coach.

It hit me!

I had some resistance, but because of her patience and subtle approach Malinca was pushing me forward and gave me tools to look different to myself and really empowered me. 
She was looking at my character, personality and talents and made tailor-made exercises which challenged me. It made me more convincing and gave me more self-confidence in my role as a dramaturg. 
Besides that, I learned a lot about humour & pain and got tools to inspire and motivate my writing team. I am going to do her E-learning: ‘How to bring more humour in your life and work’ as well. 
Her personal and lighthearted approach has really hit me and made my personality grow. I surely recommend her with my colleagues. I give her an 8 for these humour coaching sessions.

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Business is going easier

I give her an 8 for these coaching sessions.
I became more spontaneous, happier and business is going after six weeks really easier than before with the guidance from Malinca Verwiel as humour coach.
For sure I do recommend this to everyone because I look at my work and business much more from a humoristic perspective and it made me much more resilient. I love to do a follow up in a live group.

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Suitable for

✔ Workplaces for CEO’s, managers, team leaders, HR, sales, trainers and coaches.
✔ For everyone who thinks that he or she is too serious or too rational or think they are too much in their head.
✔ For self-declared nerds or for introverts (a little bit of self-defeating humour isn’t hurting right?).
✔ For people who work too hard, because the want to prove themselves or cope with the performance society (I think we all have bin there …).
✔ For people who believe they have no humour (which I, by the way, don’t believe …).
✔ For people who want to become more social.
✔ For comedians, entertainers and comedy-writers.
✔ For people who want to become funnier.

What do you learn?

✔ What is your first impression on people and what do you like to add?
✔ How do you introduce yourself in a funny and lighthearted way during a meeting?
✔ How do you bent comments of colleagues which give you stress in a lighthearted way? 
✔ How do you tell someone in an inspiring way that he has a bad idea? 
✔ How do you break the ice?
✔ How do you turn an excuse into an added value?
✔ How do you make people laugh at the coffee machine and other small talks?
✔ How do you prepare for a difficult meeting? 
✔ How to implement self-mockery without becoming weak? 
✔ And it is funny about you and how do we increase this? And what is a weakness and how do we hide this? 
✔ Are you an introvert or an extravert or both? 
✔ What is good interaction en why is this so tremendously important? 
✔ How do you make a presentation awesome? Use everything you can. Come straight to the point, make unexpected turns, use contradictions, make your audience active with intelligent interaction, dare to be personal, show your emotions, create surprises and introduce guests like your grandmother or dog, play a game with the audience, smash them down with an impact-end and create a standing ovation.

Who is Malinca Verwiel?

Malinca Verwiel is founder of Humor in Bedrijf. She sees comedy & humour as a way of life. ‘My drive for directing comedians, give lessons in comedy and give keynotes about playfulness started with my youth were humour was born out of a family of fighters, victims and drama-queens. It felt as if I was a spectator of a badly written Greek tragedy. There was always tension in our family. And my tendency to use humour was to get rit of this tension. I felt the unstoppable need for something more light, more fun and more happiness. So humour here wasn’t the goal, but a tool for breaking tension. In this family, she also saw that a lot of misery is cost by people who take themselves too seriously. With the result, I can’t even take myself seriously anymore’.

After working behind the scenes for about 30 years as a comedy-director and teacher, including the coaching of Claudia de Breij in her very important first years, she’s sharing her years of experience. In total, she has helped for over more than 30 starting comedians to a successful career and has infected over 1000 students with her comedy virus. She cum laude graduated with her paper about the topic: How to turn a tragedy into a comedy and a comedy into a tragedy? If you like to read more about her as a comedy-director look here.

She is also a writer of the E-book: We sale air. How humour gives organisations a break with big and small problems.

Questions I get

✔ I want to quick up the bonding process in my training. How can I do this?
✔ How can I be more social with people?
✔ How can I put more humour and interaction in my presentations?
✔ How can I have more impact in a group as an introvert?
✔ I think I am much too serious and too rational. How can I become more lighthearted?
✔ How can I decline my perfectionism and enjoy life more?
✔ How can I improve my creativity?
✔ Finally, I want to make a comedy show on my 47ste. It is now or never. Please kick my ass.
✔ I am looking for humour tools to instruct my writers’ team

✔ I am looking for a copywriter to make my website less serious and more lighthearted.

What are the benefits of humour coaching?

✔ Less stress, less workload.
✔ Building better relations in the long and short term.
✔ Improves the atmosphere with collaboration.
✔ You are happier and have more positive feelings.
✔ You become more flexible.
✔ Less problem thinking.
✔ You become more solution-oriented.
✔ You handle mistakes easier.
✔ Breaks the ice and opens up the more complex issues.
✔ You are able to laugh about yourself more.
✔ You’re building up credits and tense to make people enjoy working with you or being around you.

Humor Coaching

✔ Six weeks of intensive private-coaching.
✔ If you want to have a quick introduction to your possibilities in the area of humour and power.
✔ Free introduction session.
✔ Six coachings sessions from 2 hour.
✔ Hands-on custom made exercises to implement directly, to test and improve.

Do you like to have a personal advice or just have a chat about it?

If you prefer to have a trial of humour coaching, then you can also choose for Humor Coaching Light.

What are the costs?

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